Conquer These 5 Things That Hold You Back From Increased Investments

Many Americans invest a little in traditional financial investments, usually through a company retirement or stock plan. But are you worried about increasing this amount and being more aggressive about investing? If so, perhaps you're held back by one of these common worries. Here's what you can do about them. 

1. You Don't Know About Investing. Probably the biggest obstacle preventing many laypeople from investing more is not knowing how investing and the stock market work. Reticence to put your money into something you don't understand is natural — and commendable. How can you get over this problem? Start working with a financial planning professional to fill in your gaps and get trained assistance. 

2. You're Not Financially Stable. Don't feel like you have the money to spare for investing? You're not alone. But there are a few smart investment vehicles that can also double as an emergency fund or sinking funds to help keep you stable if things change. For instance, funds contributed to a Roth 401(k) may generally be withdrawn without penalty if needed. Remember, as long as you add more than you take out, you're coming out ahead. 

3. You're Busy and Forgetful. Everyone has a lot going on these days, so it's understandable to simply procrastinate or forget to make or manage investments. What might help? Automate as much as you can. Many people can automate recurring investments, rebalancing, and even increasing contribution percentages. Then, set up triggers with your financial investment planner to make certain moves without your direct involvement. 

4. You're Worried About Losing Money. Some people equate investing with gambling. However, good investing is based on analysis, projections, computer modeling, and historical performance. It also takes into account each investor's personal risk tolerance levels. Your financial planner will help you find the balance between risk and reward that meets your goals without putting undue stress on you. 

5. You Have Ethical Concerns. More and more people want to use their money in ways that reflect their value system. Did you know that modern investment choices often help you do just that? You'll find targeted funds that focus on green energy and renewables, ethical companies, women- or minority-owned companies, or local investing, for example. And a professional can further help you identify specific stocks or bonds that fit your particular ethical needs. 

Where to Start

Ready to start conquering any of these normal, understandable concerns? If so, begin by meeting with a financial planner who specializes in investments today.