Why Time Is More Important Than Timing In Financial Planning

One of the biggest mistakes people make in financial planning is trying to time their efforts. Thinking that you can find the perfect time to sell your house or buy stocks can have disastrous consequences. Instead, financial planners will tell their clients to focus on time rather than timing. Let's look at what the difference is and why it matters so much to your finances. Time vs. Timing In the financial planning sense, time is just how long you allow your money to work. Read More 

Conquer These 5 Things That Hold You Back From Increased Investments

Many Americans invest a little in traditional financial investments, usually through a company retirement or stock plan. But are you worried about increasing this amount and being more aggressive about investing? If so, perhaps you're held back by one of these common worries. Here's what you can do about them.  1. You Don't Know About Investing. Probably the biggest obstacle preventing many laypeople from investing more is not knowing how investing and the stock market work. Read More 

What A Third Party Risk Assessment Should Cover

Whenever a financial institution enters a relationship with a vendor, they should have an independent firm conduct a third-party risk assessment. It is important, though, to know what should accompany reports when it comes to third-party vendor risk management for financial institutions. You will want the assessments to regularly address these four possible issues. Cybersecurity Given the digital nature of most vendor products in the financial sector, cybersecurity is a top risk. Read More