Certified Financial Advisors — 5 Reasons To Offer A Client App

Do you want to boost your certified financial advising business and provide even better customer experiences? Then consider the value of adding an app to your services. What can a financial planning app offer both you and your customers? Here are a few key things. 

1. Customers Do More Themselves

Businesses of all types are learning the benefits of allowing clients to do more for themselves. After all, if a client can do standard transactions or answer simple questions for themselves, they don't need to call on you to do them. This saves time, money, and frustration for all. Simple financial planning tools could include making changes to their accounts, running basic projections, checking savings balances, and placing orders.

2. You Can Offer Services

The more you engage clients, the more opportunities you have to let them know about other services you provide. An app increases these interactions in a different way than you do when you meet in person over a desk. For instance, the app might encourage them to add on services to existing ones — such as adding Social Security forecasting to their existing retirement savings tracking — by showing how it works in real-time. 

3. Client Experiences Are Interactive

Financial planning should be a shared project between customer and advisor. And with an app in the palm of their hand, your clients can have more interaction any time they want. Along with running scenarios and tracking progress for themselves, the app might provide a means for them to follow up on suggestions you make in other areas like budgeting or diversification. 

4. Information Is Transmitted in Real-Time

Today's world no longer waits around for monthly, quarterly, or annual reports and checkups. Your savvy clients now expect updated information delivered quickly and digitally. They need the most accurate reports for decision-making and want to easily move between different pieces of the puzzle to understand what's happening with their own money. This is increasingly important as they approach deadlines like retirement. 

5. It Improves Communication

Financial advisors and their clients need to have good communication. But you don't want them blowing up your phone all the time. And they may not want to wait until business hours to get answers. An app provides a means for communication through features like chats, texting, email, and in-app messaging. Communications are available all the time but don't tie you to the desk. 

Where to Start

Learn more about the possibilities of financial advising apps by researching them yourself. No matter what your clients want, an app can provide the right experience. And it could both simplify and supercharge the services you offer. Get started today to improve your business tomorrow. 

For more information about apps for financial advisors, such as a retirement savings app for certified financial advisors, contact an app service today.